Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Essay Example for Free

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Essay Explain critical control points (CCPs) This is a point, step or procedures at which control can be applied and food safety hazard can be eliminated or reduced these steps are called assessing the hazard and identifying critical control points. Outline and explain the steps of the HACCP system The purpose of the HACCP system is to identify, monitor and control dangers of food contamination. Assess hazards Identify critical control points Set up standards or limits for CCPs Set up procedures for monitoring CCPs Establish corrective actions Set up a record keeping system Verify the system is working. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. It is an internationally recognized based food safety system. On preventing, elimination and reducing hazards it identifies and deals with the hazards before it occurs. HACCP recognized the best way to eliminate, reduce or control hazards in a food handling industry or the environment. HACCP first identifies potential food safety problems and determine the best way to prevent them food safety hazards, or; Allergenic Biological Chemical Physical Explain the difference of psychrophiles and mesophiles Psychrophiles (cold loving). Microorganism’s particular bacteria have a preferential temperature for growth at less than 590(150 Celsius) Mesophiles Microorganisms on earth belong to the group of mesophiles. It grows best in temperature between 100- 500c. They are formed in soil and water environment. Masts of dangerous mesophiles are staphylococci, aureus, and salmonellas, sp, proteus where they live is one way because of the temperature they need to grow, and they can cause the food to spoil. Explain the difference between Aerobic and Anaerobic bacteria Aerobic Aerobic bacteria takes place in the absence of oxygen and food substances are partially broken. Anaerobic Anaerobic means without oxygen and human needs oxygen to breathe. Explain anaerobic bacteria Anaerobic bacteria can survive without the presence of oxygen. They are 3 types of obi gate anaerobic. List three (3) ways that cross contamination can be prevented during Storing Service Handling/Preparation Storing Separate raw animal foods such as eggs, fish, meat and poultry away from each other and also ready to eat foods. Store raw meat and cooked meat on different shelves in freezer preferably raw meats at the bottom shelf to prevent drippings or leaking substance from meat while storing. Service. A clean work area and cooking utensils is required such as sterilized counter top, cooking utensils and also a clean environment is needed. A clean table and linen is vital to prevent cross contamination Preparation Prepare food on clean surface to prevent the spread of germs. Never use the same cutting board you use to prepare raw meat to prepare vegetables. List five (5) way foods may be checked during the following in order to control and temperature Preparing foods Receiving and storing foods Preparing foods Preparing food at the control time and temperature Wash your hands properly Cook and cool foods the right way. No handling of foods with bare hands always use a tong, gloves, paper towels and spoons Take out just the amount of food needed When preparing salad and sandwiches spreads These foods must not be left at room temperature When making these food always start with the cold ingredients first Keep cook foods at a suitable temperature to prevent the growth of bacteria Do not leave food out for more than 30 mins. or until properly cooled then store Receiving and storing foods Refrigerator must be set at the appropriate temperature to prevent or limit the growth of pathogenic bacteria that may be present in ready-to-eat- foods. Obtain food ingredients and packing material from approved sources that are regulated by the necessary authorities. Receiving food at proper temperature when getting perishable food this must be place in cold storage immediately upon arrival. Storage Maintain temperature control to limit the growth of bacteria for eg. Store potentially hazardous or ready to eat foods under refrigeration you may set critical limit for refrigeration to operate at 380F List five ways that you can control and eliminate pests Moisture control Repair leaking roots clean gutter and downspout Exclusion. Keep door, windows and vents screened and well sealed Store items in plastic Sanitation Keep trash containers clean and covered Prevention Eliminate wood to ground contacts use gravel or rock instead of wood mulch Mechanical Control–use snap traps for mice and rat. Prepare a flow chart showing CCPs for the following menu. Bibliography http://www. google. com http://www. en. wikipedia. org/ http://www. en. m. wikipedia. org/ http://www. searchhyahoo. com http://www. agric. gov. ab http://emotes. com http://www. wikianswer. com http://google. coo/ http://www. kingcouty. gov/.

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