Thursday, August 8, 2019

Working capital management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Working capital management - Essay Example e philosophy but most of the part of my research follow realism approach as this recognise the importance of understanding people’s socially constructed interpretations, understand the social forces, structures and processes that influence and people’s view and behaviors. Realism is based on the belief that a reality exists that is independent of human thoughts and beliefs. However realism shares some philosophical aspect with positivism and it also recognises that people are not object to be studied in style of natural science. Under realism approach, my research study has used case study method to analyse the research question due to the following inherent benefits. Case studies involve extensive direct contact between the researcher and the individuals or circumstances under study. It involves a few individual or company to make the intense detail –collection processes a more feasible task. Case study might involve the actual incident that has happened in a company or a personal experience of an individual. Case study can also be carried over of a situation or a process. Illustration of case study research may also happen to be more qualitative than more quantitative. In case of cross-sectional study, it is more general in nature and involves of collection of data as regards quantum of bank lending to SME’s in UK and may not involve detailed analysis of a particular happening in a company or faced by an individual. According to the positivists understanding of the phenomena is solely grounded on sense data that is what can not be tested empirically can not be regarded as proven. Positivism has no value judgments and has statements which can be tested scientifically. According to this philosophy statements are valid if they are grounded on observation, observations (from experiments) must be repeatable and all experiments should use scientific method. It ignores the social processes which are reducible to relationship between the actions of

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