Sunday, October 6, 2019

Principles and Practices of Effective Leadership - Mod 2 Essay

Principles and Practices of Effective Leadership - Mod 2 - Essay Example To this end, the article recognizes the central role that will be played by emotional and cultural intelligence in developing such leaders (Hanna, 2012). There are also additional characteristics that are required for developing successful global leaders. To this end, intellectual understanding that is reflective of the global business context is one key characteristic. It refers to the ability to understand the complexities involved while conducting business globally (Hanna, 2012). The skill to overcome dominant thinking entails the capacity to appreciate the intercultural empathy and have a desire to learn about other cultures. A global leader should also have the desire for cross border partnering with teams in other countries. This skill demonstrates executive maturity in appreciating the value from other foreign and like minded corporations (Hanna, 2012). The author also states that the ability to develop and nurture local and global perspectives is a pertinent skill acquired through living and experiencing different parts of the world. The global leader also needs to have a sense of self assurance and self awareness in relation to their sense of purpose and values. Finally, the author asserts the important skill of developing internal and external networks. This aids in shifting management from a vertical perspective to horizontal collaboration. The article proposes that the global leadership qualities are developed through living in a culturally and linguistically different country. The article by Myron Curry delves into the factors that make a good leader and how an individual can develop into a good leader. To this end, the author states communication as one of the factors that establish a good leadership. The art of effective communication enables a leader to accurately articulate thoughts and ideas to employees (Curry). Evidently, the

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